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Stop the Telephone Solicitor

It’s 5: 36pm and you’re putting the food on the table for your family’s evening meal. The phone rings. Everyone looks hesitantly at everyone else. Who’s going to pick up the phone this time? Everyone can guess what the phone call is about. You’re tempted to let the answering machine catch it but you’re tentatively waiting for call from your boss. You pick up the phone and say, “Hello.” Your family, who have taken their seats at the table, take one look at your face and all shake their heads. Their guess was right. You listen to a little of the spiel before you slam down the phone whispering obscenities toward the contraption. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Property Solicitors

Property SolicitorsConveyance is the act of transferring the title of the property or assets via a legal process. It can also pertain to issuing a certain encumberment, which includes mortgage or lien. You will need a conveyancing solicitor or a mortgage solicitor to make sure that you are getting the correct and legal title or encumberment. It seems like an easy process, but it is best to get a property solicitor so you can be assured that you are not leaving any stone unturned. Your property or mortgage solicitor will go through all the legal jargon, and protect your interests.

Two Major Parts of Conveyancing

Conveyancing involves two major stages: the exchange of the contract, and the completion of the contract. Though these two parts are pretty straightforward, there are other minor acts that should be completed in a conveyancing transaction.

Your property solicitor should be able to make sure that the property your are purchasing or selling is of marketable value, and that it has its corresponding deed or title. Once this has been confirmed, the two parties should then exchange contracts. Your property or mortgage solicitors should make sure that you are getting what you want in this exchange of contracts. He should be able to ascertain that both parties are getting fair deals. The next stage is the completion stage, which means that the contracts are settled legally.

The process seems to be simple, and you can actually do this on your own. However, as mentioned, property solicitors are better equipped to go through all details of the contract and make sure that you are not being cheated.

What to Look for in Your Conveyancers or Solicitors

It’s hard looking for someone to trust especially with purchases that involve large amounts. It is therefore, a must that you choose a property solicitor or a mortgage solicitor that is trusted and is reputable. You may ask your real estate agent to refer you to someone from the industry. You should check for credentials. Make sure that they are certified, and know where they hold office.

There is no harm in being extra cautious, so feel free to look around for other options if you don’t feel sure about a particular solicitor. Trust is important in this agreement, and the respect should be mutual in order to move forward in negotiations or discussions.

Look for a property or mortgage solicitor who is very direct and honest. You will know if he is merely taking you for a ride. Be upfront about your fees, and make sure that you ask about hidden fees. Clarify if the fees that you are paying him for a particular service is one-time, or if it will recur.
Conveyancers or Solicitors can do a lot in securing your property, so make sure that you pick the best from your area.

Conveyancing in UK

One of the most expensive costs in buying real-estate is the legal costs of buying a new home and selling your old one. But finding cheap and reliable Conveyancing in the UK does not need to be impossible. It all comes down to asking the right questions, and knowing what the answers should be. You can find good article about conveyancing in Manchester on this site.

Often cheap initial quotes turn into large bills as hidden fees and extra costs are added. The slump in the housing market has turned even honest solicitors a bit shady, needing to make as much money as possible in order to turn a profit in conveyancing, this leads to practices such as not including all costs in an initial quote. If you need solicitor in Bristol, read here more about conveyancing Bristol.

Saving money

Always get at least four quotes of legal costs. Usually the recommended solicitor from the estate agent is not your best choice as the agent often gets a commission for referring business. Your first contact will be by phone, be polite, but firm. Ensure that the person you speak with is being honest, within their knowledge.

Ask if mortgage work and fees are included. Check with you lender, if you need this service, ensure the solicitor you have chose will work with your lender. If your lender requires another solicitor you may end up paying two sets of legal fees for the same thing.

VAT, searches, stamp duty and other disbursements are almost always extra, but it does not hurt to ask if your quote has an allowance worked in for such fees. Always question the extent of disembarrassment fees. Things like photocopying can add up very quickly.

Fixed fee conveyancing is another option, usually best in high value properties. These fees are determined on a sliding scale appropriate to the home value.

Look outside major cities for a conveyancer, overhead costs are more in a city setting, this cost is often reflected in a conveyancers prices.

Get your quote in writing before signing anything. It can be amazing how prices change from the verbal to written quotes.

These are the basic things you need to research, more may be needed. You will often find as you ask questions you have more, ask them. If you don’t understand something ask, solicitors have the education to inform you of what is going on, make sure you remind them to use terms you understand.